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By Debbie Kane | March 15, 2017


Thanks for checking out what’s new in my writing world.

This is where you’ll learn about my current projects as well as insights about a few of my favorite topics: creativity, communications, and entrepreneurship. I love learning what makes people tick, so once a month I’m featuring Outside the Lines, interviews with creative people and entrepreneurs from around Northern New England, the lovely area I call home. There are so many people out there with great ideas and energy that I hope to never run of subjects to interview!

What’s new right now?

This website, for one. A big shout out to my designer Jacqueline Stahle of Think Design and Mike Medrek of Aurora Technologies, LLC for making me look great — and creating a website that’s glitch-free.

Know someone who’d be a great subject for Outside the Lines? Let me know in the comments below.

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